Rasteder Musiktage - Sat 01 July 2017

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About the show

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Quick info

Date event: Saturday 01 July 2017
Organised by: Rasteder Musiktage
Start time event: 17:45
End time event: 21:30
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Tournement Place
Rastede - DE 


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Blue Diamonds

Class: EMG Premier Class

Celtic Crusaders

Class: EMG Premier Class

Fanfarenzug des KSC Strausberg e.V.

Class: EMG Premier Class

Spirit of 52

Class: EMG Premier Class


Class: EMG Premier Class

Wölper Löwen

Class: EMG Premier Class

Diamond Cadets

Class: EMG Junior Class

Showband Rastede Youngstars

Class: EMG Junior Class


Show organisation

This is a show organized by Rasteder Musiktage and is part of the European Music Games.


The following adjudicaters will be available during this event. Interested in becoming a judge? Click here for more information.

Clive Burd

Caption: Field Visual

Gerry Baker

Caption: Ensemble Visual

Barry Davis

Caption: Visual Effect

Sylvia Vos

Caption: Color Guard

Elmar Zwart

Caption: Field Music

Bob Kanne

Caption: Ensemble Music

Marco Harder

Caption: Music Effect

Malte Steiner

Caption: Field Percussion


European Music Games

The European Music Games are show competitions that are held every summer in various European countries. American-oriented show corps, drum & bugle corps, but also more traditional corps go head-to-head with each other in a competition. They bring innovating shows that consist of an energetic combination of music, dance and choreography. The avid musicians bring out the best of themselves in front of an expert judging panel and enthusiastic spectators.

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