Pre-sale success

The introduction of pre-sale for everyone has been a success. Over 300 fans bought their tickets in pre-sale. The new method will of course be evaluated and adjusted for next year, but the goals for this method are accomplished.
The start of the ticket sale on May 1st was much better than last year. Sections 113 and 114 are close to sold out. Also section 314 is more than half sold now.
The offer of group discounts has also been used by several groups now. DCE likes to emphasize that groups are guaranteed to sit together.

The new stadium offers great advantages like having all sponsors inside and the excellent views this stadium offers to the fans. The capacity of the stadium makes it also possible to have the greatest drum corps show in the history of European drum corps. “Those who have marched themselves know what a great feeling it is to play for a huge audience” chairman Rob van Koningshoven said. “We’re working very hard to give all participants that special feeling at our European Music Games Finals”.

You can buy your tickets at our website: .
Groups from 25 persons on can order their tickets with a €1,50 per ticket discount by sending an e-mail to with the section they want to sit in and the amount of tickets.

The Finals of the European Music Games will be held on Saturday September 28th 2019, at the Grolsch Veste in Enschede.