Like in previous years, the DCE Championships will be broadcast live this year and will be produced again by the Video Vault.

This year DCE had to take the decision that they can’t provide this service for free anymore. Due to a considerable increase in the costs for broadcasting, the decision was made to provide a paid webcast. During the last couple of years, people were funding the webcast via crowdfunding. However, the board noticed that these incomes were very irregular and financially this resulted in the webcast making a loss.

Therefore the board of DCE have decided to put the webcast behind a paid website using the Video Vault website. Due to technical limitations of the current DCE Video Vault website a new page will be opened where everyone that wants to watch the webcast can register and pay for the webcast. In the week after the DCE Championships the videos will also be added to the regular DCE Video Vault.  A current subscription to the regular video vault will not give access to the webcast. A separate one-off payment will need to be made. It will work similarly the other way around. A subscription to the webcast will not give access to the regular video vault. 

The admission to watch the live broadcast is €15. With this, you will help DCE to cover a part of the expenses. More information on where and how to register will follow in the coming weeks.