Drum Corps Europe reports a good start of the ticket sales.

Since ticket sales started on May 1st, sections N5, N6, N7 and N8 are already sold out. Also more than half of the 200 available super seats are sold.

DCE also received positive reactions on the new booking system. This year you can book your own seat directly during the booking process.

If you want to buy tickets, go to:

www.drumcorpseurope.org and choose for Championships > Admission tickets



Unfortunately DCE received two cancellations: Liberty and Wölper Löwen.

Liberty stated they have decided not to take part this year as 8 of their members are hoping to pass their final school exams and start university in September.

All 8 are long-standing members and Liberty want to be as supportive as they can as these members deal with the challenges of potentially moving away from home for the first time. Liberty hope they can make it to their first DCE championships in 2019.