This week the board of DCE had a meeting with Rob van Koningshoven and Bert van Maaren, initiators of a new European organisation. It was a very constructive meeting in which DCE made all assets available to help them and make the transition to a new organization as smooth as possible. None of the current board members will be active in the new board of directors.

As a result the agenda for Rob and Bert for the short term will be the following:
1.     Establish a new Association (European Drum Corps Association) and register at the chambers of commerce;
2.     Work out the details of the rules and regulations of the EDCA;
3.     Invite all participating drum corps to become a member of EDCA;
4.     Secure the partners of DCE to remain partner of EDCA;
5.     Secure the judges panel remain as part of the EDCA;
6.     Secure the volunteers of DCE remain as part of the EDCA;
7.     Start to investigate the possibility to have European Championships in Kerkrade again on September 29th 2018;
There has been chosen to establish an Association instead of a Foundation.
Reason is the strong felt need from the participating drum corps to have a direct say in the way the organization has to go (grow) and the way they want to be judged.
Participating drum corps will become a member of the EDCA, which will have an annual meeting to determine the direction of the EDCA, evaluate last year and elect the board of directors.
This will generate more involvement of the drum corps with the EDCA.
As soon as step 1 and 2 are done, more detailed information will become available. If you have any question or remark, please feel free to contact:
Rob van Koningshoven
0031 – (0)6 – 414 03 011
Bert van Maaren
0031 – (0)6 – 51 33 45 85

More info: