Last Saturday at the Forest Oak stadium, the Indoor Music Games / SoundSport Forest of Dean Show took place. The IMG was won by Concord with 70.1 points where Cinderford Academy won Gold in SoundSport class. In Concert class Lydbrook Training Band won Gold.


The event, held in Lydney, was attended by 13 units participating in three classes. In the concert class six groups competed for a medal. Berry Hill and Forest of Dean Wind Band won bronze medals. Cinderfold Academy, Lydney Training Band and Parkend Silver Band won the silver medal.

In the SoundSport class, the silver medals went to 614 Lydney ATC and Tin Soldiers, where High Cross Cadets won the bronze medal.

In the IMG competition points were given and are comparable throughout the other IMG competitions held this year. Thurrock Marching Brass ended in third place with a score of 56.6 points. Runner up was Buccaneers with 67.7 points, just a bit behind Concord.

Below the complete results.

Concert Section

Berry Hill - Bronze
Forest of Dean Wind Band - Bronze
Cinderford Academy - Silver
Lydney Training Band - Silver
Parkend Silver Band - Silver
Lydbrook Training Band - Gold


High Cross Cadets - Bronze
614 Lydney ATC - Silver
Tin Soldiers - Silver
Cinderford Academy - Gold


Thurrock Marching Brass – 56.6
Buccaneers – 67.7
Concord – 70.1

IMG SoundSport Youth Champions - Thurrock Marching Brass

The next IMG SoundSport competition is held in Middelburg on April 22nd. The next competition in the UK will be held in Essex at May 6th.