After a successful first experience in the IMG SoundSport in 2016, Thurrock Marching Brass has announced that it will be bringing the series to Essex in 2017 with a show in Basildon on Saturday 6 May 2017.  This will see an event back in the heart of what was once a hot spot for drum and bugle corps in the UK. Thurrock aim to provide a new stop on the circuit to showcase existing and new talent, where different types of performances come together in a friendly, respectful environment.

The Essex show forms part of a series being held in the UK and in Europe, and each show will feature two categories, firstly DCI SoundSport followed by DCE Indoor Music Games. Both formats are aimed at encouraging new or former bands and corps to form/reform and in DCI SoundSport specifically there is no restriction on musical opportunities where any and all types of acts are encouraged to come along and entertain. All shows within this circuit are performed at indoor venues specifically set up to cater for this type of spectacle. Thurrock are particularly keen to provide a platform for alumni groups to get together and have a go. 

Thurrock Marching Brass Chairman, Paul Morgan commented “Bringing the IMG SoundSport event to Essex, after a really enjoyable trip to the Forest of Dean earlier this year, means a great deal to us. We are very proud of not only our own borough, but our county as well, and in doing so we genuinely hope that we can ignite some really diverse interest in the show in the former heartland of Essex drum and bugle corps."
The venue is easily accessed with major road and rail transport links and has ample car parking. Further information on the Essex show can be provided by emailing and registration is now open via the Drum Corps Europe website here