The registration for both the DCE European Championships 2017 and the Indoor Music Games (including SoundSport) 2017 has now opened. Registration is possible through the DCE website.

November 1st is the start of the DCE registration, and the kick off for the Indoor Music Games and SoundSport. This series of events will run between February and May, with shows taking place in Ireland, England, The Netherlands and Scotland. The IMG and SoundSport are aimed at encouraging new or former bands and corps to form/reform and get involved in the activity in some way, and at any level that is achievable for them at this point in time. It can also be used by groups who are going through a rebuilding process as the demands are less than that of normal marching band/drum corps competition.

Registration for the DCE European Championships is possible during November, and the registration for the Indoor Music Games / SoundSport is open until 28 days before the events.